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Working with DOE Labs – Arrangements

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During 2008 alone, our 17 National Laboratories and 5 facilities engaged in more than 12,000 technology transfer transactions. These included more than 700 CRADAs, 2500 WFO Agreements, more than 2800 user facility agreements, and more than 6,000 licenses. They also reported more than 1400 inventions, filing more than 900 patent applications. They were issued nearly 400 patents and logged more than 561,050 downloads of their copyrighted open-source software.

Collaborative Research

Cooperative Research and Development (CRADA) arrangements allow for collaborative work and either cost-sharing or funds to be provided by the industry partner, as well as for sharing of intellectual property and data. See example agreement for Cooperative Research and Development (CRADA).

Sponsored Research: "Work for Others" Research and Development by the Lab

The Laboratories may conduct research and development for a non-federal partner that funds the work directly through the Lab. Work for Others permits the funding partner to maintain intellectual property and data rights. See example agreement for Work for Others (WFO).

User Facilities

The Laboratories make our unique facilities and equipment available to non-federal parties to conduct research and development activities. The non-federal user of the facility pays the full cost of conducting the research at the Lab and may maintain intellectual property and data rights. Users who agree to publish the research results are not required to cover the cost of the use of the facility. See listing of Designated User Facilities.

Technical Assistance

DOE and Lab personnel can respond to inquiries from others seeking to further knowledge, solve a specific problem or improve a process or product and provide some limited assistance.

Licensing Lab Technologies

The Laboratories' technologies are made available for licensing in addition to the other technology transfer arrangements that can be used and combined to further a technology in collaboration with an industry partner.

The Licensing Guide and Sample License [762-KB PDF] provides a general understanding of typical contract terms and provisions to help reduce both time and cost to license intellectual property (IP) from DOE's Laboratories.

Facilitating Commercial Access to Climate-friendly Technologies: Use our Technology Commercialization Portal to search for patents, patent applications, and available technologies of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. You can also browse the technologies available for licensing. The technologies comprise those developed by U.S. Department of Energy laboratories as well as from participating research institutions.